Project Execution - Modus Operandi

Project Understanding and Schedule

BLV Engineering Associates, Inc (BLV) has completed numerous HVAC/Plumbing/ Fire Protection/Structural engineering projects whether it is new or upgrades of Public School Systems, County Govt., Army, Federal and State Governments. The nature of contracts may vary between different clients, but the basic elements are common for all contracts.

Projects consist of schematic design, design development, preparation of construction documents; bidding support and award, construction administration, inspection and commissioning services. Project will require scheduling, cost estimating, and specification writing. All the projects are required to be completed in an abbreviated time frame and within established budget. BLV will submit required number of complete sets of drawings, specifications and estimate with each submission for Client's review. In addition to this, BLV will provide one set of electronic CAD and specification files for bid in the agreed format and software.

For the consulting firm, scheduling this type of work is very critical. When there are multiple tasks being performed simultaneously, the segments of each project must be intertwined with other tasks to allow all tasks to proceed at roughly the same pace. Each project allows for client reviews at critical junctures in the schedule. These reviews allow for other projects to be worked on by the same design team. BLV's Engineers has a great deal of experience working with similar contracts that the work on all the multiple tasks can be completed in a timely manner.

BLV also understands the nature, quality and quantum of the work that the every project warrants.

BLV understands the impact of Project Schedule on the cost, in addition to the timely completion and will meet the project schedule dictated by the clients.

Most of our projects are new projects and renovation to existing HVAC and Boiler Systems, which include equipment such Air conditioning Units, Air handling Units, Roof Top Units, Split Units, Chillers, Unit Ventilators, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Pumps Plumbing and Piping. Project also will include control system for HVAC and Boiler System, Lighting, Electrical Power to the equipment, VFD's, Fire Protection Systems and Fire Alarm and Security Systems. BLV Engineering Associates Inc. has the experience to do the needed work and has sufficient staff and diversity to complete these projects. BLV has experienced professionals on staff to provide all mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services. Structural systems of the new or renovated projects are dealt with our overly experienced structural engineer, whose reputation is one of the best in the industry.

Management Approach

BLV Project Manager will coordinate all design efforts within our firm to provide the most responsive service to your project needs. Through coordination with Project manager of Clients, BLV will develop a chain of command for delivering the scope of services, quality documents, cost estimate and schedule for the projects.

Once the project is underway, BLV Project Manager will closely track the performance, schedule, and budget. Through progress meetings, emails, and telephone calls, our project manager can effectively address any problems or concerns as the design develops. BLV Engineering is very familiar with local, state and federal regulatory agencies, and our engineers are knowledgeable about the local and state Building Codes and Regulations; International Mechanical Code, International Plumbing Code, National Electrical Code, Fire Prevention Code, and Fire Alarm Code, and will represent the Client's best interest in securing all necessary permits for construction. Our project manager will meet Clients Project Manager as required to develop an understanding of requirements and procedures. This knowledge will streamline the project procedure, and our past experience shows that this extra effort early on in the process saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

Stage wise submission documents with other supporting documents will be submitted to the Clients in accordance with RFP requirements and established standard and following an expeditious review by in-house quality control team.

BLV is proud to say that construction documents prepared by BLV Engineering are innovative, complete, and developed with care to provide bid documents that are clear to contractors, and owners, and protect the interests of our clients which resulted in very few RFI's and Change Orders and caused least disturbance to the project budget.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality is an important part of every project completed by our firm. It is not incorporated into our projects as a separate effort, as a distinct task, or as a specific duty. Quality is an attitude within each of our staff about how and what we do to provide a quality work to our clients while remaining within budgetary constraints. Achieving this goal requires a certain amount of discipline, to coordinate our efforts toward producing a quality product, to provide clear procedures to be followed, and to monitor the results of our efforts.

All projects deliverables are subject to a formal review process prior to submittal to the client. QA/QC reviewers are a part of the project team, having experience in design, construction, standards and codes, owner's requirements and their standards. We have developed a system of mutual review where every document prepared for this project will be reviewed for quality by an engineer who has not prepared that particular document. If necessary, we will deliver the design document for third party peer design review.

Quality control is equally important to BLV Engineering as to the clients, because this measures our work and the repeated business. BLV is committed to providing high quality engineering services to its clients through its continuous quality improvement programs that involves all personnel in a systematic, logical process to continually improve firm's work practices and procedures. The success of a completed project is judged against these criteria: Client Satisfaction, Project Objectives, Scope of Work fully addressed, Project Budget, and the Project Schedule. BLV's approach to quality involves the following:

Procedures for project execution : Standard procedures for project execution are documented in the check list formats, guidelines and procedures.

Technical review Committee : Each submission is reviewed by the technical experts.

QA/QC Procedures : Our clients have communicated to us that technically quality alone does not adequately address their needs. That is why we have developed procedures to assure that procedures are met to keep the quality work delivered to our clients.

Cost Control

BLV has completed many contracts for a wide variety of clients including private commercial management firms, Public School Systems, Local County Governments, and state & Federal governments. BLV is sensitive to the needs of our client's budget. We understand that funding on projects is never unlimited, and that resources are always defined. Our experience with public school design has caused us to approach projects with the budget foremost in mind. There are two ways this can be accomplished: first, during the design phase and secondly, during the construction phase. They are both related, but the awareness of cost implications during each phase is very different.

In the design phase, we focus our attention on the project parameters. During the schematic and design development, it is possible to develop a reasonably accurate construction cost budget, and we could alert our clients ahead of time if their budget may seem to be unrealistic. At that point, we can advise our clients to solicit additional funding, and/or redefine the program to meet construction cost budget, or to the degree required to achieve a balance between the two.

During the construction phase, the budget is affected by change orders; i.e. any changes to the contract as defined by the bid documents. This is affected in several ways. The first is through any errors and omissions in the design documents. The second is by owner-directed design changes. And third is through unforeseen field conditions, which are common to major renovations of existing buildings.

Project planning and quality control can avoid any possible errors and omissions. Unforeseen conditions can be minimized by thorough reviews of available as-built drawings and on-site investigations of existing conditions as completely as possible without destructive prejudice.

Our Projects

Commercial Projects
  1. Mechanical Plumbing and electrical design services, Small Business Administration, Landover, Maryland
  2. Condition Assessment of 2 educational building at Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
  3. Preventive maintenance, condition survey, renovation design and replacement of HVAC systems, BWI Airport
  4. Condition Survey of Toyota Building at Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore
  5. Condition Survey of Maryland Port Administration Buildings( Cigna Parcel) for purchase
  6. Condition Survey of BG&E Service Stations, at various locations in Maryland
  7. Design and Construction Management Power Plant Building, Inner Harbor, Baltimore City, Maryland
Industrial Projects
  1. Condition Survey of Maryland Port Administration Buildings( Cigna Parcel) for purchase
  2. Design and Construction Management of Liquid Oxygen Plant, Patapsco Waste Water Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD
  3. Design of Up-gradation for High Pressure Effluent Pumping Station at Patapsco Waste Water Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD
  4. Upgrade Sludge Treatment Plant BuildingBack River Wastewater Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD
  5. Design and Construction Management of Maintenance Building and Vehicle Shelter, Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD
  6. Inspection of Fire Protection System at various facilities in Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood base
  7. Architectural, structural design services, roof replacement for buildings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 at Bush Street, MTA maintenance facility, Baltimore, Maryland
  8. Roof Replacement for Buildings 1 and 8 at MTA Bush Street Division, Baltimore, Maryland
Infrastructure Projects
  1. Design for Rock Creek Park Facilities, Montgomery County, Maryland
  2. Design of Pier E and North Terminal Signage Extension, BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD
  3. Peer Review for Design of EPA Region 8 Headquarters Building, Denver, Colorado
  4. Western Acceptance Facility, Pre-engineered Addition to existing transfer station, Catonsville, Maryland
Correction Facility Projects
  1. Inspection of mechanical/HVAC/Piping/ Plumbing System for Construction of Upholstery Building correctional facility in Cumberland, MD
  2. Inspection of mechanical/HVAC/Piping/ Plumbing System for Construction of Vocational Education Building at correctional facility in Cumberland, MD
  3. Inspection of Mechanical/HVAC/Piping/ System for Upgrades of Fire Protection Systems DD/DC Building at correctional facility in Jessup, MD
School Projects
  1. Design Upgrades to Milford Academy, Baltimore County, Maryland
  2. Design Upgrades to 5 Baltimore County Schools, MD
  3. Design Upgrades for Schools, Montgomery County, Maryland
Office Building Projects
  1. Connector building between existing office buildings, 9101 & 9105 Guilford Road, Columbia, MD
Federal Court House Projects
  1. ARRA ECM Renovation project in the Federal Court House in Central Islip, New York for GSA
Social Security Building Projects
  1. ARRA Renovation project in the Joseph Addabbo Building, Jamaica, New York for GSA